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Whats Your Flavour

Custom Blend

Tailor-make a bottle of E-Juice from the size of the bottle, X-Factor Strength, flavour to even the name!
Your creativity will be limitless.

Gettin' The Goods

These E-Juices are now readily steeped!
Savour them as soon as they arrive at your door.

Get Brewing!

House Blend

Favourites among many, a staple for some – never disappoints any palate.
Don’t take our word for it!

Gimme More

For the less adventurous out there, we offer these E-Juices that are favourites among many.

Off the Shelf!

Custom Blend Simple Process

Steps into making your Custom Blend e-liquid

1. Bottle Size

Choose from 15ml, 30ml, 60ml or 120ml.

2.Bottle Type

Glass or plastic. Even stealth bottles are available!

3.Flavour Choices

Choose to your heart’s desire from the range of raw concentrates that we have.


Viscosity, cloud production all play a role to a great e-liquid.

5.X-Factor Strength

Choose between 0<>12MG.

6.Name It

Your creation will arrive to your doorstep with the name you had chosen!

And Growing

Possible E-Juice

Top House Blends

Cult favourites, ready to be relished.
All House Blends are 30ml in volume.

Milch Mann

Milch Mann

A strawberry pie with a thick crust topped with homemade Ice Cream and a generous helping of thick dulce de leche.

Mango Mongolian Tea

Mango Mongolian Tea

Greatest treat any time of the day: Mango tea steeped with a hint of Kashmiri Spices that has enough raw sugar to make it irresistible, even for a bystander.

Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight

An unusual combination that will fast be your favourite: gingerbread spice and bubblegum. So bizarre that it works. Best part is, the koolada involved in the mix.