Rabbits Foot Custom Brews

About Us

Warmest greetings from Rabbits Foot Custom Brews! We were borne out of necessity as not all e-liquids sold the perfect blend for the person with specific MG requirement; it was always a mismatch for our founder, Naquiah. And so in 2013 with a dozen R&D team members based in Germany and a Sales Hub in South East Asia, Rabbit’s Foot Custom Brews specialises in custom made e-liquids. Apart from that, 800 over raw concentrates (and growing!) are available to those die-hard-DIYers as well as Top House Blends which are readily perfected recipes.

Rabbit’s Foot Custom Brews spurs creativity. Every vaper has their own preference as to what is delicious to them: no two vapers are alike. What is on the market is already great but as we are all critics, there is always a way to improve. Experimentation can begin with us. Start by small graduations and work your way up to a full 30ml bottle. And now, for wholesale consumers we even offer building your own e-liquid brand or series so that others in the community may enjoy your creation specific to your distinct taste.

In a simple breakdown, you decide what goes into your e-liquid and Rabbit’s Foot Custom Brews will build it for you. It will then be shipped door-to-door. For confident and entrepreneurial consumers, the Wholesale Package offers the same service but with added labels in cost-efficient prices.

With countless experiences, R&D perfects any e-liquid whether it be a beverage, dessert, fruit or others, the collective know-how effort is present. Apart from that, tools of the trade that involve specialised and sterile conditions, is imperative. The pinnacle is machinery of advanced German technology that cuts steeping time altogether, this way consumers may enjoy e-liquids as soon as it arrives at their doorstep (relish the e-juice as if months had already went by)!

We are easily reached with a dedicated Sales Team. If ever we are unavailable at the moment, the chat box where you would leave your contact details is our sanctuary of information. You most definitely will hear from someone no matter the Communication Platform. Payment can be done through Bitcoin on top of other regular modes of payment.

We are a group of vapers ourselves, just like you. Rainer found it necessary to devote time for the team to have access to recalling our conversion stories (from analogs to e-cigarettes). Thus our blogposts is a shrine to the current news and events the vaping world is faced with. We are all advocates, even those who do not vape because our loved one might still be hooked on the analog and it is our responsibility to show them the health benefits and 180 degree lifestyle change VAPING can do for them.aboutus2

Our staff is from all walks of life with natives of Europe and Asia, Rabbit’s Foot Custom Brews is a melting pot. If there is a slight delay in response time, bear in mind time difference (GMT+2 and GMT +8) as well as e-cig breaks 🙂

Any company has competitors. Instead of letting you find out on your own, we will show you. Even as time goes by, we are improving our services and standards to better accommodate you.

  • Confidence translates to bulk order and it is possible with our enticing Wholesale Package. Because we have your savings in mind.
  • Raw Concentrates and Enhancers are available for the true DIYer.
  • Numerous bottle sizes, colours, types and so on to suit your desire. Same goes to MG preference, PV/VG ratio, and so much more. You decide what YOU want.
  • Advanced German technology that cuts steeping time totally.
  • SSL PCI Compliant safe website, so your details stay with us and only us. Safe payment gateway (it’s at the bottom of every page, take a look 🙂 ).
  • Able to track your order throughout the journey (because we all can’t wait for the goods to arrive!)
  • Overly responsive Sales Agents that are keen to answer any of your queries or comments.
  • Custom Blend received with a Signature Recipe Card that includes whatever you had chosen so that it is a keepsake for you to showoff to your friends! (We have all records of your recipes, do not fret)
  • We are able to materialise your OWN e-liquid brand. From the recipe, to the bottling and labelling: we do it all for you.
  • Discreet delivery worldwide so that you won’t have to worry about Customs retracting your parcel (dangnabbit, there it goes).