Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

General Questions

We are a team of Vapers from different walks of life who are passionate about the industry and felt that the Asian Market was somewhat limited in the choices available. We are a German registered company with a sales hub in Asia. We want to cater to every person out there who complains about not being able to find e-juices to their liking.
We don’t but with good reason. We are a completely unique service that offers potentially thousands of possible e-liquid combinations. If we did supply to stores we would just be like everybody else…
We don’t want to be just another Vape Shop. We want to build a community of Vapers where you can discuss amongst yourselves your ideas, tips and tricks to master getting the best tasting E-Liquid possible. There is a section for DIYers as well where one may explore raw concentrates’ galore.
The E-liquids you can make are only limited by the number and type of raw concentrates we attain. If you find a recipe that has a particular raw concentate that we do not have, you can always substitute the brand or even the raw concentrates altogether but it might not taste as good, BUT it may also taste better. So its quite a complex process but the best solution is just find a recipe that has all the flavour concentrates we carry and you can be sure to have a good tasting juice (bearing in mind the reviews say it tasted good of course).
We are very proud to say there are none! You may be gasping in shock asking how this may be possible? Well with a combination of processes and heavy machinery it is possible to eliminate steeping time! You will receive your e-juice readily steeped and ready to be enjoyed.
Well depending whether or not we have the raw concentrates in stock, it can take anywhere from 2 – 5 days to make your Custom Blend. But at least its already pre-steeped upon arrival 🙂

Custom Blends VS House Blends

Well obviously its made especially for you. You literally get to choose every part of your e-juice from the PG/VG Ratio; Nicotine content and raw concentrates. Did we mention you even get to label your own juice to whatever you want?! #shoutout
Absolutely! We give you the recipe you chose so you can keep it for your record. In future you could literally use the same recipe and tweak it to your liking making it sweeter, creamier etc…
This has to be one of the most asked question we often receive… For example customers ask us is it 6mg International or Asian standard? Well to be quite honest if you follow a recipe 6mg’s should be universal. We find Asian brewers may not necessarily be using the right amount as they state. In simpler terms, we use ‘International MGs Standard’.
Well to make an amazing tasting e-liquid from scratch takes a bit of time and experimenting but the best part about our service is that there are thousands of recipes available online where people actually leave their review of how it tastes. So if you already have people telling you from all over the world saying it tastes good then you can be sure you wont be disappointed. Plus that’s exactly why we made 15ml bottles available for you to allow you to test your e-juices in a lower quantity to build your confidence.
Well there are plenty of cloned recipes out there and people often say it tastes almost just like the original! So why spend more. Just let us know which one you wanted and we can see if there’s one out there. We will even show you the recipe we found and show it to you…

Well we recommend you follow the exact recipes online when ordering a custom blend and purchasing some of our enhancers where you can tweak your juice to your liking at home. Our 5ml bottles will last you for many future orders! Just make sure to add it a little at a time. Put too much and you could ruin your whole blend entirely!
Well for one we’ve been doing this a long time and despite having a recipe it takes some knowledge, skill and in our case some heavy machinery to ensure your blends come out perfectly. Did we mention we have juices INSTANTLY steeped!? Plus why take time out of your day making something and finding you went wrong somewhere. We went through that entire headache ourselves to finally arriving at getting it right every time!
Because we source only the best international ingredients who themselves have to go through rigorous testing to be approved by foreign international bodies you can be sure that we are free from Diketones, Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl and Acetoin, Plus we produce our E-Liquids in a hygienic and clean environment to further compliment global production standards.


We want to but unfortunately we do not, with the increasing pressures on the vaping industry we found that PayPal are now blocking any online vendors selling vape related products.
We currently accept credit card, bitcoin and for Malaysian Vapers we accept online banking and even cash on delivery (Within the K.L area).
Absolutely! Unlike other websites we take great pride on the security of our customers which is why we use high grade 256 bit SSL encryption and are also PCI compliant. Check out are validity seal at the bottom of each page!


Yes we absolutely do ONLY in Kuala Lumpur hotspots, we offer a number of locations for you to pick up your E-Liquids from and even pay cash for them for those of you that worry about electronic forms of payment.
If preferred to use the International Saver option Asian Countries generally take around 3 -5 Days while other countries are approximated at around 4 – 10 Days.

Should you use DHL or International Express, more often than not it shouldn’t take more then 4 – 5 days for your juices to arrive regardless of destination.

Shipping cost is something unavoidable so we recommend you order with some friends or order a few bottles more to reduce your costs. It is recommended to order up the maximum of each weight bracket to minimise shipping cost. On the checkout page the weight of your order will be displayed where you can add or reduce the quantity to hit that “sweet spot”.
We forge invoices to say that what you are really ordering (e-liquids) will look like as if essential oils are what is made to look like. If its bulk orders contact us for more details as we will check the final destination. Some destinations laws are more flexible and some more restrictive. We will analyse each order respective of that.


We most definitely can accommodate your needs and offer extremely attractive pricings. We would even go as far as saying absurdly attractive prices especially if you’re from the western world such as Europe or North America. Just contact us and we can discuss these minor details further.
Well unlike other E-Liquid providers on the market that offer a limited range of choices that you can only really know are good by tasting them. With us there are already plenty of reviews about each individual recipe to give you a good idea on its taste. Still not convinced? Order some tester samples with us before you want to consider ordering in bulk. Its simple as can be!
Absolutely not! We love entrepreneur’s who have a vision of their own and we can help bring that vision to life without all the hassle and headache. We will even go as far as assisting you to design your own label and print it for you on the material of your choosing. Again just contact us to discuss it further…