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Absinthe[Flavour West
Absinthe[TPA / TFA
Aceytl Pyrazine (AP)[TPA / TFA
Almond[Flavour Art
Almond Amaretto[TPA / TFA
Almond E-Flavour[Inawera
Anise[Flavour Art
Anise[Flavour West
Anise E-Flavour[Inawera
Apple Candy[TPA / TFA
Apple Cherry E-Flavour[Inawera
Apple E-Flavour[Inawera
Apple jacks[Flavour West
Apple Pie[Capella
Apple Pie[Flavour Art
Apple Pie[TPA / TFA
Apple Pie (V2)[Capella
Apple Pineapple E-Flavour[Inawera
Apple Shisha[Inawera
Apple-Lime E-Flavour[Inawera
Apricot[Flavour West
Apricot[TPA / TFA
Apricots Bergamot E-Flavour[Inawera
Armenia (Apricot)[Flavour Art
Banana[Flavour West
Banana Concentrate[Inawera
Banana Cream[LorAnn
Banana Cream[TPA / TFA
Banana E-Flavour[Inawera
Banana Foster[TPA / TFA
Banana Nut Bread[Flavour West
Banana Nut Bread[TPA / TFA
Banana Shisha[Inawera
Banana Split[Capella
Banana split[Flavour West
Bananas foster[Flavour West
Ban˜ (Banana)[Flavour Art
Barley Malt[Flavour Art
Bavarian Cream[Capella
Bavarian Cream[Flavour West
Bavarian Cream[TPA / TFA
Beetle juice[Flavour West
Belgian Waffle[TPA / TFA
Bergamot[Flavour Art
Berry Crunch[TPA / TFA
Berryl (Rasperry)[Flavour Art
Bilberry[Flavour Art
Bilberry Shisha[Inawera
Biscotti[Flavour West
Biscuit Concentrate[Inawera
Bitter Sweet Chocolate[TPA / TFA
Black cherry[Flavour West
Black Cherry[TPA / TFA
Black Honey[TPA / TFA
Black licorice[Flavour West
Black Power Tea Concentrate[Inawera
Black Sun Tea Concentrate[Inawera
Black Tea[TPA / TFA
Black Tea E-Flavour[Inawera
Black Touch (Licorice)[Flavour Art
Blackberry[Flavour Art
Blackberry[Flavour West
Blackberry[TPA / TFA
Blackberry mojito[Flavour West
Blackcurrant[Flavour Art
Blackcurrant[Flavour West
Blackcurrant[TPA / TFA
Blackcurrant [Flavour West
Blackcurrant E-Flavour[Inawera
Blackfruit Mint E-Flavour[Inawera
Blenderize (Tutti Fruitti)[Flavour Art
Blood Orange[Flavour West
Blu-bacco[Flavour West
Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy[Capella
BlueberryÊ[Flavour West
Blueberry Candy[TPA / TFA
Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble[Capella
Blueberry Concentrate[Inawera
Blueberry cotton candy[Flavour West
Blueberry Extra[TPA / TFA
Blueberry graham waffle[Flavour West
Blueberry Jam[Capella
Blueberry Pomegranate[Capella
Boom![Flavour West
Booster (Tiramisu)[Flavour Art
Boston Cream Pie (V2)[Capella
Bourbon (Vanilla Bourbon)[Flavour Art
Boysenberry[Flavour West
Brandy[TPA / TFA
Brown sugar[Flavour West
Brown Sugar Extra[TPA / TFA
Bubble Gum[Capella
Bubblegum[TPA / TFA
BubblegumÊ[Flavour West
Bubblegum Juicy[TPA / TFA
Burley [Flavour Art
Butter[Flavour Art
Butter[TPA / TFA
Butter Cream[Capella
Butter Cream[Flavour West
Butter Pecan[Flavour West
Butter toffee[Flavour West
Buttered Popcorn[Flavour West
Butterscotch[Flavour Art
Butterscotch[Flavour West
Butterscotch[TPA / TFA
Butterscotch riffle[Flavour West
Butterscotch Tobacco[Flavour West
Cactus Concentrate[Inawera
Cactus Lime E-Flavour[Inawera
Cafe cream[Flavour West
Cafee coffee[Flavour West
Cake Batter[Capella
Cake Batter Dip[Flavour West
Candy cane[Flavour West
Candy corn[Flavour West
Candy watermelon[Flavour West
Cantaloupe[Flavour West
Cantaloupe[TPA / TFA
Cappuccino Conccentrate[Inawera
Cappucino[Flavour West
Capt crunch berries[Flavour West
Captain crunch[Flavour West
Captain Munch[TPA / TFA
Caramel[TPA / TFA
Caramel (V1)[Capella
Caramel (V2)[Capella
Caramel candy[Flavour West
Caramel Candy[TPA / TFA
Caramel Cappucino[TPA / TFA
Caramel Original[TPA / TFA
Cardamom[Flavour Art
Carmel (Caramel)[Flavour Art
Catalan Cream[Flavour Art
Cer“se (Cherry)[Flavour Art
Chai Tea[TPA / TFA
Chai TeaÊ[Capella
Champagne [TPA / TFA
Cheesecake[Flavour West
Cheesecake[TPA / TFA
Cheesecake Graham Crust[TPA / TFA
Cherries E-Flavour[Inawera
Cherry berry[Flavour West
Cherry blasts[Flavour West
Cherry Blossom[TPA / TFA
Cherry Cola[Capella
Cherry Cola E-Flavour[Inawera
Cherry Concentrate[Inawera
Cherry crush[Flavour West
Cherry E-Flavour[Inawera
Cherry Juice E-Flavour[Inawera
Cherry Shisha[Inawera
Cherryl (Black Cherry)[Flavour Art
Chesnut[Flavour Art
Choco coco mocha[Flavour West
Chocolate[Flavour Art
Chocolate Caramel Nut[Capella
Chocolate Coconut Almond[Capella
Chocolate Coconut Almond[TPA / TFA
Chocolate Cream E-Flavour[Inawera
Chocolate E-Flavour[Inawera
Chocolate Fudge Brownie[Capella
Chocolate Glazed Doughnut[Capella
Chocolate Hazelnut Shisha[Inawera
Chocolate Mint[Flavour West
Chocolate tobacco[Flavour West
Cigar Passion[Flavour Art
Cinnamon Ceylon[Flavour Art
Cinnamon Danish[TPA / TFA
Cinnamon Danish Swirl[Capella
Cinnamon Roll[Flavour West
Cinnamon Spice[TPA / TFA
Cinnamon Sugar Cookie[TPA / TFA
Cinnnamon Spice[TPA / TFA
Cloud 9[Flavour West
Clove[TPA / TFA
Coco' (Coconut)[Flavour Art
Cocoa[Flavour Art
Cocoa Round[TPA / TFA
Coconut[Flavour West
Coconut[TPA / TFA
Coconut Candy[TPA / TFA
Coconut Concentrate[Inawera
Coconut cream pie[Flavour West
Coconut E-Flavour[Inawera
Coconut Shisha[Inawera
Cocopilada E-Flavour[Inawera
Coffee[Flavour West
Coffee ConcentrateÊ[Inawera
Coffee E-Flavour[Inawera
Coffee Extra Clear[TPA / TFA
Coffee Paradise E-Flavour[Inawera
Coffee w/cream[Flavour West
Cola[Flavour West
Cola E-Flavour[Inawera
Cola Mint E-Flavour[Inawera
Colourless Grape[LorAnn
Colourless Watermelon[LorAnn
Condensed Milk[TFKL
Cookie[Flavour Art
Cookie butter[Flavour West
Cookies & cream[Flavour West
Cool MintÊ[Capella
Cooling[TPA / TFA
Costarica Special (Mango)[Flavour Art
Cotton candy[Flavour West
Cranberry[Flavour West
Cranberry[TPA / TFA
Cream Fresh[Flavour Art
Cream soda[Flavour West
Cream Soda[TPA / TFA
Cream Whipped[Flavour Art
Creamberry[Flavour West
Creamy coconut[Flavour West
Creamy Yogurt[Capella
Creme de menthe[Flavour West
Crme de Menthe[TPA / TFA
Croissant[Flavour Art
Cubano[TPA / TFA
Cup Of Joe[Capella
Custard[Flavour Art
Dairy[TPA / TFA
Dark Bean (Coffee Espresso)[Flavour Art
Dark chocolate[Flavour West
Dark Vapure[Flavour Art
Dill Pickle[TPA / TFA
DK Tobacco[TPA / TFA
Double Apple[Capella
Double apple[Flavour West
Double Choco Clear[TPA / TFA
Double Choco Dark[TPA / TFA
Double Chocolate[Capella
Double Chocolate (V1)[Capella
Double Chocolate (V2)[Capella
Double dutch[Flavour West
Double dutch twister[Flavour West
Double Watermelon[Capella
Dr. Soda type[Flavour West
Dragon Fruit[Capella
Dragon Fruit[TPA / TFA
Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) Concentrate[Inawera
Dragonfruit[Flavour West
Dulce de leche[Flavour West
Dulche de Leche[TPA / TFA
Dutch apple pie[Flavour West
Dutch Chocolate Mint[Capella
DX Banana Cream[TPA / TFA
DX Bavarian Cream[TPA / TFA
DX Caramel Original[TPA / TFA
DX Red Velvet[TPA / TFA
DX Sweet Cream[TPA / TFA
Earl Grey Tea[TPA / TFA
Ecto cooler[Flavour West
Egg Nog[Capella
Egg Nog[TPA / TFA
Elderflower E-Flavour[Inawera
Energy Drink[Capella
Energy DrinkÊ[Capella
Energy Drink / Red Bull[TPA / TFA
English toffee[Flavour West
English Toffee[TPA / TFA
Espresso[TPA / TFA
Ethyl Mathol (EM)[TPA / TFA
Eucalyptus E-Flavour[Inawera
Exotic E-Flavour[Inawera
Exotic Roots Concentrate[Inawera
Fig[Flavour West
Fig Fresh[Flavour Art
Fire & ice[Flavour West
Flammable Bubblegum[LorAnn
Flammable Key Lime[LorAnn
Flammable Watermelon[LorAnn
Forrest Mix[Flavour Art
French Vanilla[Capella
French vanilla[Flavour West
French Vanilla[TPA / TFA
French Vanilla Crme[TPA / TFA
French Vanilla Deluxe[TPA / TFA
Frosted Donut[TPA / TFA
Fruit Circles[TPA / TFA
Fruit Mix E-Flavour[Inawera
Fruit rings[Flavour West
Fudge brownie[Flavour West
Fuji[Flavour Art
Fuzzy Nazel[Flavour West
Ginger Ale[TPA / TFA
Gingerbread[TPA / TFA
Glazed Doughnut[Capella
Goji berry[Flavour West
Golden Apple Shisha[Inawera
Golden ButterÊ[Capella
Golden Pineapple[Capella
Graham Cracker[Capella
Graham cracker[Flavour West
Graham Cracker Clear[TPA / TFA
Graham Cracker Dark[TPA / TFA
Grape[Flavour West
Grape Candy[TPA / TFA
Grape Concorde[Flavour Art
Grape E-Flavour[Inawera
Grape Juice[TPA / TFA
Grape Mint E-Flavour[Inawera
Grape soda[Flavour West
Grape White[Flavour Art
Grapefruit[Flavour Art
Grapefruit E-Flavour[Inawera
Greek Yogurt[Capella
Greek yogurt[Flavour West
Greek Yogurt[TPA / TFA
Green Apple[Capella
Green apple[Flavour West
Green Apple[TPA / TFA
Green Goblin[Flavour West
Green Mango[Aussie
Green Mango[TFKL
Green Spring Tea Concentrate[Inawera
Green Tea[TPA / TFA
Green Tea & Quince Concentrate[Inawera
Green Tea E-Flavour[Inawera
Guava[Flavour Art
Guava[Flavour West
Guava[TPA / TFA
Gummi bear[Flavour West
Gummy Candy[TPA / TFA
Happy hour[Flavour West
Hard candy[Flavour West
Harvest Berry[Capella
Hawaian Punch[TPA / TFA
Hawaiian islands punch[Flavour West
Hawaiian limeade[Flavour West
Hazel Grove (Hazelnut)[Flavour Art
Hazelnut[Flavour West
Hazelnut[TPA / TFA
Hazelnut Praline[TPA / TFA
Hibiscus[Flavour West
Hibiscus[TPA / TFA
Honey[Flavour West
Honey[TPA / TFA
Honey Circle[TPA / TFA
Honey Dew[TPA / TFA
Honey E-Flavour[Inawera
Honey Suckle[TPA / TFA
Honeydew[Flavour West
Honeydew Melon[Capella
Horchata[Flavour West
Horchata Smooth[TPA / TFA
Hot Cinnamon Candy[Capella
Hot Cocoa[Capella
Huckleberry[Flavour West
Huckleberry[TPA / TFA
Hypnotic Myst[Flavour Art
Ice Apple E-Flavour[Inawera
Icecream Soda[TFKL
Iced tea[Flavour West
Irish Coffee Concentrate[Inawera
Irish Cream[Capella
Irish Cream[Flavour Art
Irish cream[Flavour West
Irish Cream[TPA / TFA
Italian Lemon Sicily[Capella
Italian Relax (Cappuccino)[Flavour Art
Jackfruit[Flavour West
Jamaican Rum[TPA / TFA
Jawbreaker[Flavour West
Juicy fruit[Flavour West
Juicy Lemon[Capella
Juicy OrangeÊ[Capella
Juicy Peach[Capella
Jungle juice[Flavour West
Kahlua & Cream[TPA / TFA
Karmel E-Flavour[Inawera
Kentucky Bourbon [TPA / TFA
Kettle corn[Flavour West
Kettle Corn[TPA / TFA
Key Lime[TPA / TFA
Kiwi[Flavour Art
Kiwi[Flavour West
Kiwi[TPA / TFA
Kiwi Strawberry[Capella
Koolada[TPA / TFA
Layton Blend[Flavour Art
Lemon Barley[TFKL
Lemon Cake Concentrate[Inawera
Lemon Concentrate[Inawera
Lemon Lime[Capella
Lemon Lime[TPA / TFA
Lemon Meringue Pie[Capella
Lemon meringue pie[Flavour West
Lemon Meringue Pie (V2)[Capella
Lemon Shisha[Inawera
Lemon Sicily[Flavour Art
Lemon Water Soluble [TPA / TFA
Lemonade[Flavour West
Lemonade Cookie[TPA / TFA
Lime Concentrate[Inawera
Lime Shisha[Inawera
Liquid Amber[Flavour Art
Liquorice Concentrate[Inawera
Lucky Leprechaun[TPA / TFA
Lychee[Flavour Art
Lychee[Flavour West
Lychee[TPA / TFA
M-Type Premium[TPA / TFA
Macadamia nut[Flavour West
Mad-Mix (Mad Fruit)[Flavour Art
Madagascar (Vanilla Classic)[Flavour Art
Madagascar vanilla[Flavour West
Magma current[Flavour West
Malted Milk[TPA / TFA
Mango[Flavour West
Mango[TPA / TFA
Mango Concentrate[Inawera
Mango guava[Flavour West
Mango Natural[Flavour West
Mangosteen[Flavour Art
Maple[Flavour West
Maple pecan[Flavour West
Maple Syrup[Flavour Art
Maple Syrup[TPA / TFA
Maraschino cherry[Flavour West
Maraschino Cherry[TPA / TFA
Marshmallow[Flavour Art
Marshmallow[Flavour West
Marshmellow[TPA / TFA
Marula Concentrate[Inawera
Maryjane[TPA / TFA
Marzipan[Flavour Art
Maxx-Blend[Flavour Art
Mellow Sunset[Flavour Art
Menthol[TPA / TFA
Meringue[Flavour Art
Meringue[TPA / TFA
Mexican Liqueur[TPA / TFA
Mild Black[TPA / TFA
Mild Strawberry Concentrate[Inawera
Mild Winter (Peppermint)[Flavour Art
Milk[Flavour Art
Milk[Flavour West
Milk chocolate[Flavour West
Milk Chocolate[TPA / TFA
Milk Chocolate E-Flavour[Inawera
Milk Chocolate Strawberry E-Flavour[Inawera
Milk Chocolate Toffee[Capella
Milk Condensed[Flavour Art
Mint Chocolate E-Flavour[Inawera
Mixed Fruit[Aussie
Mocha[Flavour West
Mocha [TPA / TFA
Mocha E-Flavour[Inawera
Mojito[Flavour West
Mojito[TPA / TFA
Monkey fart[Flavour West
Moose milkÊ[Flavour West
Mountain Dew[TPA / TFA
Mt. dew[Flavour West
MTS Vape Wizard[Flavour Art
MTS Vape Wizard[Flavour Art
Musk Candy[TPA / TFA
My Cherry E-Flavour[Inawera
Natural key lime[Flavour West
Natural tangerine[Flavour West
New York Cheesecake[Capella
Nugat E-Flavour[Inawera
Nut Mix[Flavour Art
Nutella[Flavour West
Oatmeal Cookie[TPA / TFA
Oba Oba[Flavour Art
Orange[Flavour Art
Orange[Flavour West
Orange Cream[TPA / TFA
Orange Creamiscle[Capella
Orange dream bar[Flavour West
Orange E-Flavour[Inawera
Orange Mandarin[TPA / TFA
Orange MangoÊ[Capella
Orange Shisha[Inawera
Oriental 4[Flavour Art
Pancake Syrup[Capella
Pandoro[Flavour Art
Panettone[Flavour Art
Papaya[Flavour Art
Papaya[Flavour West
Papaya[TPA / TFA
Passion Fruit[Capella
Passion Fruit[Flavour Art
Passion fruit[Flavour West
Passion Fruit[TPA / TFA
Peach[Flavour Art
Peach[Flavour West
Peach[TPA / TFA
Peach E-Flavour[Inawera
Peach Juicy[TPA / TFA
Peach Tobacco[Flavour West
Peach White[Flavour Art
Peaches & Cream[Capella
Peanut[Flavour Art
Peanut butter[Flavour West
Peanut Butter[TPA / TFA
Peanut Butter (V1)[Capella
Peanut Butter (V2)[Capella
Peanut butter cup[Flavour West
Peanuts E-Flavour[Inawera
Pear[Flavour Art
Pear[Flavour West
Pear[TPA / TFA
Pear Chocolate E-Flavour[Inawera
Pear Concentrate[Inawera
Pecan[Flavour West
Pecan[TPA / TFA
Peppermint[TPA / TFA
Peppermint E-Flavour[Inawera
Perique Black[Flavour Art
Philippine Mango[TPA / TFA
Pie crust[Flavour West
Pie Crust[TPA / TFA
Pina Colada[Capella
Pina colada[Flavour West
Pina Colada [LorAnn
Pina Colada [TPA / TFA
Pinacolada E-Flavour[Inawera
Pineapple[Flavour Art
Pineapple[Flavour West
Pineapple [Aussie
Pineapple [TPA / TFA
Pineapple E-Flavour[Inawera
Pineapple peach[Flavour West
Pineapple Shisha[Inawera
Pink Guava[TFKL
Pink lemonade[Flavour West
Pistacchio[Flavour Art
Pistachio[Flavour West
Pistachio[TPA / TFA
Plum[Flavour West
Plum[TPA / TFA
Plum E-Flavour[Inawera
Pomberry[Flavour West
Pomegranate[Flavour Art
Pomegranate[Flavour West
Pomegranite[TPA / TFA
Pomegranite Deluxe[TPA / TFA
Popcorn[TPA / TFA
Pralines & cream[Flavour West
Prickly pear[Flavour West
Pumpkin Spice[Capella
Pumpkin spice[Flavour West
Pumpkin Spice[TPA / TFA
Punch Shisha[Inawera
Purple Gum Concentrate[Inawera
Quince[TPA / TFA
Rainbow Drops[TPA / TFA
Rainbow lime gum[Flavour West
Rainbow sherbet[Flavour West
Rainbow Sherbet[TPA / TFA
Raisin[TPA / TFA
Raspberry[Flavour West
Raspberry[TPA / TFA
Raspberry Blackberry E-Flavour[Inawera
Raspberry Concentrate[Inawera
Raspberry E-Flavour[Inawera
Raspberry Shisha[Inawera
Razzleberry[Flavour West
Red apple[Flavour West
Red bowl[Flavour West
Red licorice[Flavour West
Red Oak[TPA / TFA
Red Summer (Watermelon)[Flavour Art
Red Touch (Strawberry)[Flavour Art
Red Type Blend[TPA / TFA
Red Velvet[TPA / TFA
Red white &blue[Flavour West
Reggae Night[Flavour Art
Reggae Tobacco[Aussie
Reindeer poop[Flavour West
Rice Crunchies[TPA / TFA
Rice krispies[Flavour West
Ripe Banana[TPA / TFA
Rockstar[Flavour West
Rocky road[Flavour West
Root Beer[Capella
Root beer[Flavour West
Root beer float[Flavour West
Rootbeer[TPA / TFA
Rootbeer Float[TPA / TFA
Rose E-Flavour[Inawera
Rosemary Shisha[Inawera
Royal[Flavour Art
Ruby red grapefruit[Flavour West
Rumchata[TPA / TFA
RY-4 Double[TPA / TFA
Salt water taffy[Flavour West
Salt Water Taffy[LorAnn
Salted Caramel[Flavour West
Salty butter balls[Flavour West
Sassafras[Flavour West
Scooby drink[Flavour West
Shade[Flavour Art
Sicilian Mix (Citrus Mix)[Flavour Art
Sily Rabbit Cereal[TPA / TFA
Simply Vanilla[Capella
Skittles/Rainbow Candy[Flavour West
Smooth[TPA / TFA
Snickers[Flavour West
SOHO[Flavour Art
Sour[TPA / TFA
Sour Mango[TFKL
Spearmint[TPA / TFA
Spicy Biscuits E-Flavour[Inawera
Starfruit[Flavour West
Stark (Apple)[Flavour Art
Strawberries & Cream[Capella
Strawberry[Flavour West
Strawberry[TPA / TFA
Strawberry banana[Flavour West
Strawberry Concentrate[Inawera
Strawberry E-Flavour[Inawera
Strawberry Kiss E-Flavour[Inawera
Strawberry kiwi[Flavour West
Strawberry Kiwi[LorAnn
Strawberry lemonade[Flavour West
Strawberry Ripe[TPA / TFA
Strawberry shortcake[Flavour West
Strawberrys & Cream[TPA / TFA
Sucralose[TPA / TFA
Sugar cookie[Flavour West
Sugar Cookies[Capella
Summer Clouds[Flavour Art
Swedish fish[Flavour West
Sweet & Tart[TPA / TFA
Sweet Cherry E-Flavour[Inawera
Sweet Corn[Aussie
Sweet Corn[TFKL
Sweet Cream[Capella
Sweet Cream[Flavour West
Sweet Cream[TPA / TFA
Sweet Guava[Capella
Sweet King Concentrate[Inawera
Sweet Lychee[Capella
Sweet Mango[Capella
Sweet Strawberry[Capella
Sweet Tangerine[Capella
Sweet tarts[Flavour West
Sweet Tea[Capella
Sweet Tea[TPA / TFA
Sweet WatermelonÊ[Capella
Swiss chery[Flavour West
Tall maroon soda[Flavour West
Tanger (Mandarin)[Flavour Art
Taro[TPA / TFA
Tart & Sour[LorAnn
Tea berry[Flavour West
Tea Black[Flavour Art
Tiki roar[Flavour West
Tiramisu[Flavour West
Tiramisu E-Flavour[Inawera
Toasted Almond[Capella
Toasted almond[Flavour West
Toasted Almond[TPA / TFA
Toasted Marshmallow[TPA / TFA
Tobacco[TPA / TFA
Tobacco Malboro[Aussie
Toffee dream cream[Flavour West
Torrone[Flavour Art
Tosted marshmallow[Flavour West
Tres leches[Flavour West
Tropic Shisha[Inawera
Tropical cream breeze[Flavour West
Tropical punch[Flavour West
Turkish Type[TPA / TFA
Tuscan Reserve Ultimate[Flavour Art
Tutti fruitti[Flavour West
Tutti Fruity[TPA / TFA
Tutti Frutti[LorAnn
Tutti Fuitti[TFKL
Two Apples Concentrate[Inawera
Unicorn vomit[Flavour West
USA Pleasure (Cola)[Flavour Art
Vanilla Bean Gelato[TPA / TFA
Vanilla bean ice cream[Flavour West
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream[TPA / TFA
Vanilla Bean Ice CreamÊ[Capella
Vanilla Classic E-Flavour[Inawera
Vanilla Cupcake[Capella
Vanilla cupcake[Flavour West
Vanilla Cupcake[TPA / TFA
Vanilla Custard[Capella
Vanilla custard[Flavour West
Vanilla Custard[TPA / TFA
Vanilla Custard (V1)[Capella
Vanilla Custard (V2)[Capella
Vanilla Shisha[Inawera
Vanilla Swirl[TPA / TFA
Vanilla Tahity[Flavour Art
Vanilla Tahity E-Flavour[Inawera
Vanilla tobacco[Flavour West
Vanilla Watermelon Concentrate[Inawera
Vanilla Whipped Cream[Capella
Vanillin 10%[TPA / TFA
Vienna Cream[Flavour Art
Virginia[Flavour Art
Waffle[Flavour West
Walnut[Flavour Art
Walnut Concentrate[Inawera
Watermelon[Flavour West
Watermelon[TPA / TFA
Watermelon Candy[TPA / TFA
Watermelon E-Flavour[Inawera
Whipped cream[Flavour West
Whipped Cream[TPA / TFA
White chocolate[Flavour West
White Chocolate[TPA / TFA
White grape[Flavour West
White Grapefruit E-Flavour[Inawera
Wild Cherry[Capella
Wild cherry[Flavour West
Wild Strawberry E-Flavour[Inawera
Wintergrean[TPA / TFA
Yellow cake[Flavour West
Yellow Peach[Capella
Yogurt[Flavour Art
Yogurt[Flavour West
Yumberry[Flavour West
Zen Garden[Flavour Art

Whats in our pantry?

Everything you’ve ever wanted from The Flavour Apprentice [TPA / TFA] & Capella [CAP], Lorann [LA], Flavor West [FW], Inawera [INW], Flavourart [FA] and Aussie concentrates.

Because we source the best flavours for you, you can be sure that these items are free from diketones, diacetyl, acetyl propionyl and acetoin.

Inawera          LorAnn       Flavour Art

Phew, alot to process! Aren't you by Rabbit's Foot?

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