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Rabbit’s Foot Perks


Our bulk packages will save your overall cost. The outcome is beneficial for everybody! Talk to us today.


OEM services are available for those who are business-minded. Find out what is inclusive, click on.

be there in a jiffy

We have a service provider that automatically sends you delivery status updates along the way. We are eager to hear from you!


Social Media mention of Rabbit’s Foot in a positive light and you might just rake in some swag from us. Just make sure it can be seen by us.

Rabbit’s Foot Wholesale Program

Global Presence with a Faultless Service

Rabbit’s Foot prides itself on satisfaction. All shipments are dependent on weightage of the parcel. Your order will be shipped discreetly and you will receive notifications along the way.

For customers not willing to wait for around 7 – 11 days we also have an option to ship it with DHL which only takes around 3 – 4 days regardless of destination anywhere in the world. Intrigued? Check the rates below!